Antiques Stimulate Historical Interest

I never much cared for history when I was in school....seemed like a bunch of dry facts that I had to memorize, but that has all changed and now I cannot get enough of history. What made the difference? In one word ANTIQUES! Once I picked up my first antique and realized this one single of piece of 'whatever' had a story and a history and if I did a little research and read about the period in which it existed, I discovered a fascinating adventure over and over again. May I encourage all my readers to take a moment and allow yourself to step back into matter how far or little that you choose to make that step. Try to imagine yourself in the period with a particular antique piece whether it is a piece of clothing, an old bowl, a tool, a quilt, a toy, a book or a piece of jewelry and think about who owned it, what it was used for, where they wore it, what life was like then and how it should hold a place of revereance. This list of possibilites is endless and the adventures are as well. Nothing compares to the story that goes with the object. This is a wonderful tool to stimulate interest in children about things of old. They are fascinated with objects and how their forefathers used them. They like to hear the stories about the "way it was". However, this is not just a teaching tool for children, but a wealth of useful information for those of us who left childhood years ago. You just can't find a better means of promoting conversation than to have a unique antique in your home, waiting for visitors to ask "what is that?". May I take the liberty of encouraging those of you caught up in the high tech world and throw away society in which we now live, to pause for a moment and show respect and appreciation for the objects of the past......and maybe you will be so intrigued that you find yourself unable to get enough. Visit your local antique shop or museum and let your adventure begin! You are invited to visit my web page where I have many such pieces that you can read and learn about at

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